About Us


Our mission is to engage with consumers, however, the challenge is to satisfy discerning consumers with exactly what they are looking for keeping in mind their curiosity, self-expression etc.


Aims and objectives

Our objective is to reduce the wide gap in rural and semi urban India. It aims to bridge the gap in the current signal management solution space in a manner that is efficient, effective, affordable and available to integrators round the clock. 


Building community

The Audio Visual community is one large family, not only survived and thrived the last fifteen years, our efforts to reach and continue to have more significant interactions with their customers by developing projects to support urban and rural local educational efforts than just conducting transactions.



Every individual, team and companies in the AV Industry has immense work experience that makes the industry so unique. It is not surprising that more than, 60% revenues have been initiated by young entrepreneurs who dared to think big while the support and care from the av family still continues. We believe that if you have work experience in the industry and you plan to start your company means that you have unbeaten credibility.



Creating a business that has a chance to succeed in this age and time needs  “knowledge compression” and a mentor that comes from your industry has that knowledge and can condense wisdom required for you in a few lines. That’s what Clique AV India is all about.



As India is getting more urbanized, population getting more mobile, consumers will place their trust in organized branded products.  The consumer will pick the highest quality products available within their reach – both geographically and financially.

The explosion of smartphones in the country will bring significant opportunities in online trading and newer models of reaching the consumer.  It is the cost efficient way to deliver branded products and make it accessible to a large number of people, taking away the geographical constraints.

Consumers are going to come in after having done more research, which will reduce the information asymmetry that exists today and will find the right solution for their current and ongoing issues.



With Clique AV India, many more people are able to see the things available in the market. Two minutes is what it takes now to close a sale because customers know how much a product costs.  We would make the whole business ecosystem a lot more efficient. And we are aware that we may not make as much of a margin now but can eliminate a whole bunch of costs and attract many more customers. Since we will close sales faster, the amount of inventory one needs will plummet because we are running a leaner operation.

The consumer will have a one stop shop to plan his signal management project right from product selection, technical assistance, designing, purchases, execution, warranties and services. By mere listing of information, they could finish their transactions, thereby the number of people employed in the process could be minimized. Clique AV India does all the work.

We strive to build a better product to maximize our chance of winning.